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In addition to my web design services, I offer technical, marketing and legal translations from English to French.
As a translator, I am used to tackling a wide variety of subjects; however, I specialize in the following sectors:


Tourism & hospitality

I have worked for over 10 years in the tourism & hospitality sectors including 5 years as a hotel assistant director. I translate hotel brochures and websites, as well as tourist guides and interpretation panels.


Winemaking & oenology

Having worked on several occasions in the winemaking sector, in British Columbia (vineyards), in Gers (R&D) and in Maine-et-Loire (sales), I am familiar with the technical terms of the trade.


Printing industry

I have collaborated with several local businesses on the translation of technical specifications for industrial printing equipment. I have therefore built a comprehensive glossary in this field.


Real estate

I have been working for several years with land surveyors, architects and real estate agencies to translate cadastral amending documents, expert’s reports, descriptive reports, etc.

Local history

I have translated a 352-page travel diary by British journalist E.H. Barker first published in 1894 and never-since translated. Deux étés en Guyenne is now available from Fanlac Editions.
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Climbing & alpinism

I am a member of the French Federation of Alpine and Mountain Clubs (FFCAM). I have an extensive experience of alpine hiking/trekking, snowboarding and indoor/outdoor climbing. I have a very good command of mountain sports' lingo.

Transcription & voice-over

Fast, high-quality full verbatim, clean verbatim or edited transcriptions in English and French. Video subtitling and direct translations. Voice-over recordings on SAMSON C01U Pro microphone.


I use modern CAT (computer-aided translation) tools. While they will never replace the translator's work, these software are especially helpful both in terms of consistency and productivity. They include translation memories and terminology management software ensuring consistent translation quality for each client. They also make target document formatting and layout much easier. I work with most file formats regardless of whether they come from a Mac or a PC.


Buy a translation service

You can find details about buying translation services from me in the full
Service Agreement, but here's the gist of it:

  • If you are interested in buying a translation service, please fill out the quote request form below. Ideally, you should send the source file by using the "Attach files" button or by e-mail.

  • I will provide you with a firm quote within 24 hours. All quotes are valid for 3 months. They describe the requested service and specify the delivery time for the final version of your document.

  • Once the quote has been accepted and signed, I will translate and thoroughly proofread your documents in compliance with the specified delivery time and our profession's code of practice. I may contact you in order to gain further knowledge about the source document.

  • I will send a provisional version of the translation which you can revise and annotate.

  • Final corrections will be made to the text before it is sent along with the invoice.

  • My invoices are exempt of VAT, in compliance with art. 293B of the French General Tax Code. If your company is located in the EU, you must provide your intra-community VAT number. If it is situated outside the EU, please refer to your local tax authorities to check whether my service is subject to VAT in your country.


I have a strict policy on confidentiality and non-diclosure. At no time shall I disclose to any third party any information contained in your original documents, or translations thereof, without your express authorization. I always use two-factor authentication and strong passwords for cloud storage.


My translation quotes are based on the number of words of the source document (as counted by the word processing/CAT software). Proofreading and editing quotes are based on an hourly rate. My rates are competitively priced and match the quality of my work. They vary according to the length and technical nature of the source file and the job's turnaround.


Unless stated otherwise, payment must be made in Euros within 30 days of the invoice date. Payments by cheque, wire transfer, PayPal, Stripe, and TransferWise are accepted.


I recommend spending a few minutes to read this useful mini-guide: Translation: Getting It Right, A guide to buying translations from the American Translators Association (ATA).


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Don’t take my word for it!

François is a reliable, organized and committed translator. The project was of the highest quality and delivered ahead of schedule. It was a pleasure to work with him. Sincerely recommended!
— Daniela
The translation looks very good - as ever! Well done. You’ve obviously worked hard on this!
— Rupert